Survey course of business, including management and organization, human resource management, marketing, social media and e-business, information systems, accounting, and finance. Topics included within these areas include ethics and social responsibility, small business concerns and entrepreneurship, and global issues. Students will explore topics such as the impact of social media on business the economic crisis, green and socially responsible business, and sustainability. The course includes an introduction to Microsoft Excel and other software used in business.

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Contemporary Languages
Didactic, and lab with 2 1/2 class hours/week, 1 1/2 labhours/week. A systems approach is used to providestudents with a comprehensive approach for basic healthassessment of the individual. Cross cultural approachesfor interviewing and communication principles arepresented. Collection of data and identification ofpatterns and relationships provide a foundation forpersonal health assessment and the nursing care planningprocess. Developmental theories across the lifespan serveas a framework for assessment of normal growth anddevelopment. Fulfills Health and Wellness GeneralEducation requirement. Prerequisites: Admission to theBachelor of Science in Nursing Program, BI 240/ 241and PY 251 (or concurrent).
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A broad course for students of all religious backgrounds.Students consider the experience of the sacred and themeaning of faith. The heart of the course is the studyof the history of salvation through the texts of theBible. Core Christian beliefs and the interpretation ofthe Bible as God?s word written in human languageare also analyzed.

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An exploration of Hebrew and Christian scripturalthemes, including creation, suffering and conversion,from two perspectives: literary forms in the Bible andalso imaginative expressions in music, visual art, literatureand film. This course aims to open up the meaning ofbiblical stories and to encourage an experience of theSacred through the arts. No previous background inScripture or the arts is necessary.